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Marilyn's Story

What were your first impressions when you walked into London Hearing Specialist?

When I first walked in to the Camden Contact Lens Centre to have my ears Micro-Suctioned I was met with a very courteous receptionist and asked to take a seat.

I appreciated the cleanliness and ambience of the waiting area and soft back ground music to sooth away any nerves I may have had.

What problems do you feel you were having?

I had been experiencing hearing loss in one ear for some time and thought it was due to a wax build up.

How was your first encounter with our Audiologist, Anshul?

I was soon introduced to Mr. Morjaria for a consultation. He was positive, professional and informative, and I was immediately at ease. I was also extremely impressed with the up to date facilities and latest screening technology in his consultant room.

Tell us more about your consultation…

Starting with the removal of all traces of compacted wax in both of my ears, Dr Morjaria carefully and clearly described in detail what was happening. He asked if I would like to view my ears on the computer monitor screen and I was astounded that I could actually see inside my entire ear, even down to my eardrum.

After this procedure, it was amazing to hear again in my ear.

Dr Morjaria then carried out a thorough hearing check on both of my ears and advised that I would benefit from a hearing aid for each ear and explained in detail the reasons why.

It is obvious that Dr Morjaria is extremely knowledgeable and possesses a great deal of insight and understanding of a patient’s needs. With my hearing I was impressed with the time he took to explain everything - the process, the type of hearing loss I had and the options to address. He demonstrated the difference I could expect with hearing aids and clearly explained everything I needed to know (Regularly assuring me that anything I did not understand, he would be happy to repeat it)

I was very relaxed and pleased with the time given to me during the consultation. All my questions were answered and I was not rushed at all.

How do you feel about your new hearing aids and the free aftercare service provided with them?

I could not be happier with my trendy black hearing aids that I now wear (Belong 50 Rechargeable) and on follow up visits Dr Morjaria always checks my hearing and makes any adjustments to the quality of sound, frequency and clarity, to ensure that they are giving me the very best.

He continues to provide considerate, caring and first class professional aftercare support if I need it, and I appreciate his willingness to answer any questions which I might have.

How do you feel your hearing now?

I can hear so well now and it is wonderful to hear the birds singing in my garden again.

Martin’s Story

Coming Soon!

Via Infinda – Ear Wax Removal

“They are very good, polite and helpful.”

Urmi Sagar – Hearing Health Check & Ear Wax Removal

“Booked in for a free ear check. I had my Ear Wax removed by Microsuction. The process was quick, painfree and the Audiologist was extremely professional. I would highly recommend this place for Ears.”

Susan Grey – Hearing Aid Repair

“Anshul, who like all the other staff is highly professional, polite, friendly and helpful has on two separate occasions helped me at very short notice with problems I was experiencing with my ears and hearing aids. Many thanks Anshul.”

Sean Xie – Ear Wax Removal

“Great experience going there and having my ear wax removed, the staff was very friendly and helpful, without giving you any salesy speeches. Also, great pricing too. Highly recommended to anyone who needs similar treatments!”

Russell Morris – Ear Wax Removal

“Visited for microsuction treatment. Staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Procedure explained clearly and carried out with great transparency. Highly recommended!”

Kerra Soker – Hearing Consultation & Hearing Aids

“Mr. Morjaria provides excellent care and attention on how best to improve hearing on the first and follow up appointments. In the same way as wearing a new pair of glasses, Mr. Morjaria is very encouraging about using hearing aids (and how to look after them) and answers all questions and queries.”

Kapila Jagsi – Hearing Consultation & Hearing Aids

“London Hearing Specialist have been looking after my ears and hearing aids for some time now. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Excellent care and attention.”

Javier Sánchez – Ear Wax Removal

“I got an ears micro-suction done. The staff were very friendly, caring and they did a good job.”

Dean McCormick – Ear Wax Removal

“Dual ear Microsuction – Excellent, painless service Audiologist Anshul Morjaria put me at ease, was most informative and professional. I am now in a new world with restored high frequencies. Highly recommended!”