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Christmas gift ideas for the hard of hearing

Are you struggling with gift ideas for your friend or family member who has hearing loss? If you don’t have hearing loss yourself, it can be difficult to make the right choice. We’re here to help with 6 gift ideas for the hard of hearing:

1) A good morning wake-up

For those with hearing loss, setting the volume on their alarm clock to the maximum often still isn’t enough to wake them up. You can help them enjoy a good morning wake-up with a vibrating alarm clock. These nifty devices come with vibration pads which are placed under the pillow so those with hearing loss can feel it’s time to wake up. This isn’t the only innovative alarm clock around. For those lazy weekends where they don’t have to jump out of bed, why not get them a light alarm clock? Mimicking a sunrise, these alarm clocks offer a more natural wake up using light.

2) A mobile phone solution

For those that wear hearing aids, answering calls on a mobile phone can cause interference. Even without this, clarity of sound can be lost as voices travel from the phone speaker to the hearing aid receiver. Phonak EasyCall wirelessly connects to any mobile with Bluetooth, enabling calls to be streamed directly into the hearing aids.

3) A landline with captions

For anyone with hearing loss, who relies on a landline at home to stay in touch, following a phone conversation can be challenging. A real-time captioning phone clearly displays what is being said on a screen, giving them the extra cues they need to better engage in chats over the phone.

4) Clear calls at home or in the office

Cordless phones for hard of hearing individuals, such as the Phonak DECT II, enable clear conversations whether walking around at home or in the office. These cordless phones stream audio straight into hearing aids for better sound clarity.

5) A doorbell they can answer from their phone

With a wifi video doorbell, your friend or loved one with hearing loss won’t ever miss another delivery or visit because they didn’t hear the doorbell. When someone rings it, they’ll receive an alert on their phone and can answer the doorbell via a video interface.

6) Easy entertainment

Modern hearing aids can do more than link up to mobile phones, they can interface with a host of digital devices, including televisions. For those with Phonak wireless hearing aids, the Phonak TVLink II streams TV audio directly into hearing aids, so wearers can completely immerse themselves in their favourite TV shows or films.

If you like the idea of giving the gift of Phonak hearing aid accessories to your friend or family member with hearing loss but aren’t sure which would be most helpful, why not let them decide? As a hearing clinic in London that provides Phonak hearing aids and accessories, we can attest to the difference they’ve made to our patient’s lives. Discover more about Phonak today at London Hearing Specialist or call us directly on 0203 773 1230.